Advocating for responsible use of blockchain technology to alleviate the world’s most pressing human rights issues

About Us

Blockchain for Human Rights is an international partnership that advocates responsible use of blockchain-based solutions in identification digitalisation, financial inclusion, governance, and other aspects pertaining to the exercise of proof of identity. It is led by grassroots organisations involving people impacted by identification deprivation:

Apatride Network, Save My Identity, CoalitionVE, and The Rohingya Project.

Proof of identification is a gateway to accessing human rights. As such, it is a premier human right in itself.

Our Goals

We promote the creation of a partnership to unite efforts towards a widespread, decentralized and secure blockchain-based digital identity for all.

Awareness-raising on the use and misuse of digitalisation and blockchain technology.

Ground-up advocacy for responsible use of blockchain-based solutions in advancing human rights.

Stakeholder building among like-minded organizations, civil society and state actors, for knowledge sharing and project deployment.

Developing a blockchain initiative that combines secure decentralized ID, governance, and tokenization.

Facilitating learning, testing and knowledge exchange of decentralized identification blockchain-based solutions.

Founding Partners

Join Us

We are looking to extend the partnership to include more interested parties in our mission, connecting relevant actors between the fields of human rights and blockchain development. Knowledge sharing and stakeholder bridge-building are of particular interest.

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